Five nights and Freddies


Tom and Jerry don’t get older! Their tricks amused American peers of our grannies, set our parents laughing and are well known to us from our childhood. And all these mean that we still liken them!

However watching a cartoon is different from playing a game together with favorite characters. You are offered to have a look at a collection of merry and interesting games. On this site you can find on-line games with Tom and Jerry of many variations: logical, maze, speed-games, coloring-games… Anyone can play – children and adults. Chose the game, read instructions and have fun!


Jerry likes cheese very much. But so many cats are around! Help a mousekin to get the cheese and not to become a food for someone else… Is a piece of cheese worth of all the risk? It’s a matter of argument, but not for the mouse! Of course it is worth!
Today Tom plays bowling and Jerry does the scoring. Help the cat not to lose his face! Our funny protagonists are never bored – one day they hunt after each other, another day – they co-operate against the mutual enemy...
A funny game with sound effects: Jerry has much fun, making a mock of Tom. He knows that cat won’t scream because of a severe bulldog that sleeps on the porch...
Unforgettable adventures are waiting for you! Jerry got into the world of Super Mario. Now he is going to become a superhero and to make a great way… Go through this way together – search for bonuses and keys, gather treats and avoid the cats…
A catch-up game again! Billiard balls are rolling on the floor. Help a mouse to overcome them – make exercises and he will jump over the ball… Tom and Jerry are making a hassle in the living room again!
Save a mouse! Help him to get to the ground from the tottering sky-scraper. Be fast – even a few seconds matter. Your aim is to help our little mouse to escape from the sky-scraper. Run till the edge of the floor and jump down!
Jerry travels on the bike, seeking golden bagels. He is on the mountain bike for the first time in his life, so he rides not so well yet. Help him to ride on mountain roads without any accidents.
Our little hero became a miner – he removes heaps on the road and tries to blow the checkpoint of a cat. Together with a mousekin make a road to the center of a playing area. You will see what will happen then. You can play against computer or together with a friend.
On the white sheet you see points, spots and numbers. But somebody is hiding there also! Connect the points and you will get a clear picture. Who is there? In the beginning, in chaos of numbered points it is difficult to understand who disguises oneself there...
Tom made traps in each corner of the house. He left cheese here and there to decoy Jerry to his arms. Help a little mousekin to taste the cheese and not to become a dinner for a cat! Cunning Tom dreams to catch Jerry, but till now he didn’t succeed.
Four pictures with Tom and Jerry are waiting to be colored. The task is simple but so much joy in it! Personages of your favorite cartoon are here for you!
Playing is good, but there should be time for cleaning-up also! Help our cartoon-heroes make an order in the room before Tom’s master comes. A house-maid is fed up with all the disorder in the house that was created by Tom and Jerry. She is about to turn both of them out of the house!
Tom tries to get a mouse. But it is not so easy: the cat is on one bank of the river and Jerry is on another, lying on the beach. The sun is bright, the river is refreshing and the air is clear. Our kitty is offended – he was not invited at the beach! But how to get to the opposite bank of the river? Let’s help him!
Building bridges which could help Jerry to get his cheese and to go on his way… Our little mousekin needs just a few cheese crumbs to become full.
Lead Tom through the maze and he can continue running after the mouse. This maze is an eye-teaser - a mouse is on one side of it and a cat is on another.
Find ten differences between two pictures. You have 5 minutes for this, not more and not less. You see pictures from your favorite cartoon with our funny heroes. From the first sight you may think that pictures are similar, but they are not…
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